Uses For Subutex

Subutex is a version of Buprenorphine that is very much like Suboxone. Subutex is used to treat opioid dependency. Subutex was the first of the two popular drugs to be created. Subutex only contains Buphrenorphine, unlike Suboxone, which contains other chemicals.  Because of this, Subutex isn’t prescribed as much as Suboxone is. Subutex has a chance of being abused by patients who inject it to achieve euphoric effects similar to opiates. Subutex confuses the brain by sending a small amount of medication to the opioid receptors. The receptors are tricked into thinking the body has an opiate which prevents extreme withdrawal symptoms.

In 2000, Subutex was approved for administration by doctors’ offices under the Drug Abuse Treatment Act for opiate withdrawal. Unlike methadone, which is administered at clinics, Subutex is more easily available by allowing doctors’ offices to prescription this drug. The easier the treatment is accessed, the higher the possibility addicts will use this drug to get off serious opiates like heroin. Subutex is usually given the first few days of treatment and then the patient is eased into using Suboxone for maintenance therapy. The only people allowed to prescribe Subutex are qualified doctors with an identification number distributed by the DEA. These doctors can help find patients pharmacies that prescribe the drug.

Licensed medical detox staff administers the proper detox medications without having the patient obtain a prescription. This method is preferred in the treatment process because the patient is only to take the detox drugs as they are withdrawing and this avoids abuse of any detox drugs. During the detox process the medications are given as needed to detox the patient off of drugs. After the detox is over the patient will no longer receive any drugs to aid them in recovery. We believe treatment is to be done free from any mood altering substances that have the ability to be abused recreationally. The clinical staff distributes all medications during the detox and treatment process.


Subutex, when used short term and sometimes followed by Suboxone, is a way to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and push the patient into a smooth recovery process. By only using these medications for a few days, patients will not develop a dependency and still achieve the desired effects.

All drugs prescribed during detox are determined by our medical staff upon admission and after a  comprehensive medical examination.

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