Subutex Detox

Although methadone was once the premiere drug used to treat opiate addictions, newer and more convenient drugs are making their way to the forefront. Subutex is one of such drugs. Subutex can be administered alone, but it is most often used as the first step in a two-step treatment program with the drug Suboxone. One of the benefits of using Subutex over methadone is that Subutex, although similar in purpose, is more accessible than its predecessor. In fact, it was the Drug Abuse Treatment Act in 2000 that allowed Subutex, a known narcotic, to be prescribed by doctors.Even with careful regulation, Subutex can cause dependence, increasing the need for Subutex detox programs.

When administered properly, Subutex doses are carefully increased as the treatment goes on. If a patient abuses Subutex by administering via injection, or exhibits signs of dependence, though, it’s important to detox in a Subutex detox program instead. A Subutex detox program will guide you through changing your dosage in a way that will cause the least harm.

What happens if you stop taking Subutex immediately? One of the most important things to understand is the withdrawal that can occur during Subutex detox, whether you undergo the process in a Subutex Detox Program or independently. Symptoms are very similar to withdrawal from other narcotics, and how bad they are depends how high the dosage was before Subutex detox began and how suddenly you stop taking the drug. A sudden drop in usage, especially if you’re accustomed to large doses, will cause more severe withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the most common Subutex withdrawal symptoms, which can be experienced in or outside of Subutex detox programs, are:

  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Mood changes
  • Diarrhea

The benefit to being in a Subutex detox program is that when you experience these withdrawal symptoms, you’ll have people there who can help both physically and emotionally. Non-narcotic medications can be given to help with pain, and generally make you more comfortable. Program staff also monitors for any life threatening issues. Withdrawal is both physically and mentally difficult to experience, and a Subutex detox program will give you the support you need to cope.

Gradually decreasing your Subutex dosage does help to minimize withdrawal symptoms, but it does not make them disappear. Your body is still detoxing, although it is at a much slower rate. Subutex detox programs are able to take care of you during these times as well. A gradual Subutex detox program may provide better flexibility for your day to day schedule than an immediate withdrawal approach. The gradual approach is actually quite similar to normal Subutex treatments, as much of the detox program takes place through meetings to receive your latest dose.

Subutex use is meant to be monitored by a doctor or professional, and to achieve the best results, Subutex detox should be monitored by one as well.Whether it is in the form of constant supervision or daily appointments, the Subutex detox program you choose for yourself or your loved one will help to bring a little more sunshine back to the sunshine state.

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