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Sometimes even things meant to help can actually hurt. For instance, a doctor would prescribe the drug Suboxone for someone suffering an opiate addiction because it mimics the effects of the drugs with lesser potency. Then, in time, doctors decrease a patient’s Suboxone dose until very little or none is being taken, effectively helping them detox from opiates. As wonderful a plan as this is, often what happens is patients grow dependent on Suboxone itself, thus making it difficult to use as doctors recommend. It then becomes necessary to detox from Suboxone, and that can be difficult if you’re in the wrong detox program.

Since everyone is different, the way you approach your Suboxone detox program will be different as well. So the first step may be to think about what approach will be right for you or a loved one. There’s no shame in having questions, in fact these are two of the most common questions asked about Suboxone detox programs:

  • Will you be admitted to a facility for a Suboxone detox program?
  • What will you go through during the Suboxone detox program?

Understandably, for anyone who has a family or a job, the idea of being admitted to a facility to complete Suboxone detox is difficult to accept. However, the advantages to a contained detox program are numerous, since the focus is on treatment. In a contained detox program, you don’t have to worry about the effects of withdrawal interfering with your responsibilities. This sense of isolation becomes an advantage, because there is no outside reason to abuse drugs and you only have to worry about physical reactions to detox.

That doesn’t mean a detox facility is the best program for everyone. Some may decide to detox through regular appointments and a steady decrease in dosage. The proper administration of Suboxone is one of the most important parts of this detox program, and patients are monitored just as carefully for adverse reactions as they would be in a contained detox program.

Adverse reactions are no doubt one of the bigger concerns for anyone in a Suboxone detox program. Detox isn’t necessarily easy, and withdrawal can be painful, much the same way it would be to detox from opiates themselves. Another issue to consider during a Suboxone detox program is how the drug is being administered. Injected Suboxone produces more intense withdrawal symptoms than if it’s administered orally. In a Suboxone detox program, you’ll push through the nausea, irritability, or cravings brought on by withdrawal, instead of taking another dose. Without the proper care, it’s much harder to successfully detox from Suboxone, and no matter how you look at it, it’s not going to be easy to do so.

It’s often far too easy to avoid making a change in life. Committing to a Suboxone detox program means you’re committing to helping yourself or others by using the tools available to you. Suboxone was developed to help, and Suboxone detox programs want to make that happen.

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