Spice Addiction

Spice, or synthetic cannabis, is a mixture of and synthetic chemicals, that create a similar effect to that of marijuana, although it as been advertised as natural spices.  The truth is, manufactures will often take a mix of spices and spray them with a chemical mixture.

Spice is marketed was marketed as safe and legal in gas stations and head shops throughout the country. This couldn’t be any more wrong. The FDA caught on to the mixture of highly abusive unbeneficial chemicals that are most commonly in spice and outlawed them as Schedule I drugs. Since the illegalization of buying, selling, or distributing Spice, manufacturers now attempt to avoid these restrictions by changing the chemicals in their mixtures. This has caused health problems for numerous people and leaves users not knowing the side effects of the different types they are buying.

The long-term side effects of prolonged are unknown. The short-term effects vary but typically range from effects similar to marijuana use to increased heart rate, seizures, and sweating. The side effects of spice all depend on the brand and manufacture. Users rarely know what they will be purchasing, which makes the drug even more dangerous. Spice is almost always smoked but can be made into a tea. It is generally marketed in small bags and marketed as potpourri incense.

Without analyzing spice further, we are unable to determine the effects of human consumption. Because the drug is habit forming, users are likely to move to other drugs following a prolonged use of spice. Studies have shown that next to marijuana and alcohol, spice is the most used drug in high schools throughout the nation.In order to prevent an increase in this epidemic, we aim to raise awareness and provide treatment to anyone suffering with a spice addiction. If you or a loved one have a problem with spice don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 342-1456 for more information on our detox programs.

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