Roxicodone Detox 

As its name suggests, Roxicodone is closely related to the popularly known drug Oxycodone. Like its derivative, Roxicodone is used to treat pain by suppressing the paint receptors in the nervous system. Since opioids by nature are addictive, Roxicodone is a controlled substance. Even when used properly, the detox period for Roxicodone can be difficult. More severe Roxicodone usage, including when it’s abused, means an even more complicated Roxicodone detox process.

That is why Roxicodone detox programs exist; to help you through the process of moving Roxicodone out of your system. Sure, you could do it on your own, and many do, but having a structured system to lean on is even better. Having that assurance doesn’t mean you won’t have questions about a Roxicodone detox program, and that’s okay. You’re probably asking some right now, and maybe they sound a lot like these:


  • Will Roxicodone detox hurt?
  • How long does a Roxicodone detox program take?
  • What happens after the Roxicodone detox program?

The answers themselves are reasonably simple, too. Roxicodone detox can hurt for a few reasons. The most obvious one is that, if you were taking Roxicodone for pain management, your pain will return without the drug. A second reason Roxicodone detox can hurt is because of withdrawal. Withdrawal can cause great discomfort from sleep disruption to fevers, vomiting, and pain, and it can be made worse if you rapidly decrease your dosage instead of doing so slowly. The good news is these symptoms do become manageable and will dissipate, but without the structure provided by a Roxicodone detox program, it can be hard to keep that in mind.

How long Roxicodone detox programs take is another great question. Gradual detox takes longer, but is easier on the body with regard to withdrawal. To gradually detox from Roxicodone, you decrease your dosage in certain intervals. Doctors should monitor your progress during a gradual detox to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions. However, if you’ve used Roxicodone outside a doctor’s care, the approach detox programs often take is a little more immediate. In common terms, you stop taking the drug “cold turkey” and let nature take its course. Detoxing this way generally takes days to a week of careful observation, since everyone experiences withdrawal differently, and a Roxicodone detox program will help prepare you for what comes next.

Whether you chose a gradual approach or went “cold turkey,” completing a Roxicodone detox program isn’t easy, and you should be proud of yourself for doing so. Along with helping you through withdrawal, a stellar Roxicodone detox program will also teach you how to manage your pain so that you won’t feel compelled to begin using the drug or another opioid analgesic in order to cope. Some Roxicodone detox programs would even suggest seeing a mental health professional, especially if you were using the drug abusively. Recovery might not be a day at the beach, but it certainly gives you the chance to enjoy more days at the beach drug-free.

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