Detoxing from Oxycodone

One popular member of the narcotic drug group, or opioids, is Oxycodone. Used in the treatment of pain, the drug alters the way the body and nervous system answer to pain. Although Oxycodone provides effective pain relief, the side effects of the drug can be uncomfortable. Oxycodone detox  should be monitored by a physician, and any symptoms of addiction should be reported immediately. Some of these are loss of appetite, headache, itching and drowsiness. More severe side effects include an altered heart rate, impaired breathing, and allergic reactions such as swelling of the face and difficulty swallowing. All severe side effects should be reported to the patient’s physician. 

The effective pain relief can also be marred by the addictive nature of Oxycodone. Because it produces a similar pain free euphoria often associated with morphine and heroine, individuals who are users of these drugs may also be drawn to Oxycodone. Even users who utilize the drug as it is prescribed can be open to their bodies developing a tolerance for it and find themselves requiring more and more Oxycodone for the same pain relief. Oxycodone detox  should be monitored by a physician, and any symptoms of addiction should be reported immediately.

Oxycodoneis considered one of the most widely abused drugs by teenagers in this day and time. The extreme danger in the use of this drug as recreation is the potential for overdose. Oxycodone was designed to release the drug into the body over time. When the drug is used recreationally, individuals usually crush it to experience the high faster. Releasing a large amount of Oxycodone into the body at one time can cause death. The United States Justice Department reports that in one year’s time period (2001-2002), there were over 1300 deaths related to Oxycodone.

Addiction to Oxycodone does not have to be a death sentence. The Florida House Detox Center offers safe detox programs to assist patients who are victims to Oxycodone addiction. The recovery plan is initiated by the detoxification, or the release of the toxins (drug) from the system. Undergoing withdrawal from Oxycodone alone is not only discouraged, but can also be uncomfortable as well as fatal.

Symptoms such as paranoia, tremors and anxiety can be dangerous if weathered alone. More severe withdrawal symptoms like cardiac arrest, shock and coma require immediate medical attention. Undergoing the withdrawal process alone places an individual at increased risk for irreversible medical trauma and undue emotional and mental stress.

The Oxycodone detox program at The Florida House Detox Center provides and implements a safe treatment plan that will provide the emotional and physical support an individual needs to begin the steps to addiction recovery. Monitored by medical professionals, this detox program promotes success and lifelong recovery habits. Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s needs.

The Florida House Detox Center welcomes patientswho recognize that addiction can lead to a lifetime of dependence and depression. Financial strain and possibly even incarceration can also result from increased drug needs. The Oxycodone detox program can build a solid treatment plan that is implemented by compassionate medical staff in a comfortable environment.

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