Uses for Methadone

Opiate dependency has been a growing issue in the world since introduced as a recreational activity in the 18th century. Various drugs have been created to try to cure opiate dependency and the withdrawal symptoms that come along with quitting the drug.

German Scientists created methadone as a way to fix their opiate shortage in the country. They quickly abandoned the drug because it did not give the soldiers the drive they had originally hoped for. In 1947, the Americans discovered that methadone can be used to treat narcotic addiction and has been used as an effective method ever since this discovery. Methadone is used to relieve moderate to severe pain caused from opiate withdrawal. Since the introduction of methadone maintenance therapy for opiate addiction, scientists have vigorously studied the drug and found it to be the most successful treatments used to date. Methadone is used to detox patients off of multiple opiates and relieve unbearable symptoms of withdrawal.

The process of taking methadone is to start by taking it as prescribed . Higher doses of methadone can cause the euphoric effects of recreational opiates to be blocked by the drug. This means patients who are addicted to opiates such as heroin and oxycodone will be less inclined to take the drug because they are aware that the effects will not be the same. This prescription may be issued as a tablet, a dissolving tablet, or non-diluted and diluted solutions. Because methadone can become addictive, over the course of treatment, our doctor will begin prescribing lower dosages to withdrawal the patient off the medication with little side effects.

Before taking methadone you should tell our doctor all the medication your on and your previous medical history. Since methadone has been used as a treatment for opiate and narcotic addiction the results have been very successful which is why we use it to help the patients ease into recovery and drug treatment.

All drugs prescribed during detox are determined by our medical staff upon admission and after a  comprehensive medical examination.


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