Detoxing from Marijuana

Made from the buds or the leaves of the cannabis plant, marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs today. Marijuana detox programs are springing up because of its increased levels of potency. It is usually smoked for either recreational or medicinal purposes. When smoked, marijuana is able to give the user a mild feeling of pleasure, elation and wonder. It can also offer a soothing sensation which can relieve the pain brought about by diseases such as cancer or AIDS. These effects are often experienced shortly after smoking, usually in about two to five minutes, and can last for around 30 minutes to four hours, depending on the dose.

Although there have been a lot of studies which show the benefits of using marijuana for medicinal purposes, there has also been much controversy surrounding the negative effects that it has. Some of the negative effects that are often caused by the use of marijuana include a slight feeling of paranoia, a distorted perception, problems with memory and learning, difficulty concentrating, poor motor coordination, lethargy, an increased heart rate, and a lower blood pressure. When used in high doses, especially when it is consumed orally rather than smoked, marijuana can also cause hallucinations, delusions, disorientation and an impaired memory.

Unfortunately, for most people who have become addicted to the use of marijuana, quitting can be difficult, especially for those who have been using it for several years. In addition, marijuana withdrawal symptoms can be quite intense and can last for several weeks. Some of the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana detox include insomnia, restlessness, irritability, and changes in appetite. Because of this, those who want to quit using marijuana are usually better off seeking professional help and treatment.

One of the best and most effective programs that are available for individuals who are seeking professional help for their marijuana addiction today would be marijuana detox programs. A marijuana detox program is a program which can help an individual to gradually, safely and effectively withdraw from using marijuana through a customized treatment plan based on their personal assessment.

 Although marijuana detox programs can use varying approaches for treatment, there are generally three steps which are used in one. The first step would be the evaluation of the patient or the individual. Before undergoing the actual marijuana detox program, an individual is first tested to check the level of marijuana in his or her body as well as any disorders, conditions and mental or behavioral issues that he or she has. Through undergoing this part of the marijuana detox program, a customized treatment, rehabilitation or detoxification plan can be created which should help the individual withdraw from marijuana use more effectively.

The second step of a marijuana detox program would be the stabilization of the individual. This step of the marijuana detox program may or may not involve the use of medications, although most of the time, medications are used to help in stabilizing an individual. Aside from the use of medication, this step in the marijuana detox program also involves explaining to the patient the things that he or she can expect during the treatment and recovery process.

The last step of a marijuana detox program would be the guiding of the patient or individual into treatment and recovery. This would help the individual deal with and overcome his or her dependency and addiction to marijuana. Keep in mind, however, that not all drug rehabilitation centers and facilities are able to offer programs which can address the psychological aspects of being addicted to marijuana; although there are some which do have a marijuana detox program that involves counseling and the use of other approaches which can help patients deal with the mental and behavioral effects of marijuana use.


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