Detoxing from Lortab

Lortab, or hydrocodone with acetaminophen, was once held up as a miracle worker in the world of moderate to severe pain management. Recently Lortab detox programs help treat patients who have abused the drug beyond its medical use. A member of one of the oldest family of drugs, opioids, Lortab works by directly weakening the central nervous system. Lortab attaches to proteins called opioid receptors and block the relaying of pain signals to the brain. This attachment results in a sensation of euphoria; a relaxed state disconnected from the feelings of pain, and often from most of the world.

This wonder drug also has a dark side. Lortab also has several contraindications that make it unsuitable for patients prescribed several other drugs. There are several side effects connected to Lortab, including dizziness or drowsiness, impaired vision and dryness of the mouth. More severe side effects during Lortab detox reported are affected breathing, fainting, unusual behavior, convulsions and confusion. Because these side effects can be dangerous, a doctor’s supervision of Lortab use is strongly suggested.

Addiction to Lortab can occur when the drug is utilized by someone other than the individual to whom it is prescribed. It can also result from a patient with a high predisposition to addiction in general being prescribed Lortab. However, there is a marked line between Lortab abuse and Lortab addiction. A patient can become physically dependent on the narcotic with prescribed use simply through the very nature of narcotic drugs, which can promote tolerance of the body to the effects and require higher dosing. Everyone who utilizes Lortab will not become addicted to it.

Lortab is often the recreational drug of choice by middle class teenagers. Not only are their families more likely to have insurance coverage that would cover the prescription of these narcotics, but their households are also more likely to have adults who have been prescribed the drug. These circumstances result in an almost never ending supply of Lortab for recreational use, and increase the chances of abuse and addiction.

The Lortab detox program at The Florida House Detox Center can assist patients who are victims of Lortab dependence and Lortab abuse. Withdrawing from Lortab can often be frustrating and the road filled with side effects that threaten the recovery process. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are an intense longing for another dose of the drug, muscle and bone aches and pains, cold sweats, nausea, and irritability. Other withdrawal effects are cold sweats, diarrhea and fever. The strength of the symptoms will generally depend on the level of addiction.

The Florida House Detox Center specializes in detoxifying the body in the promotion of addiction recovery. Detoxification allows the body to gradually become accustomed to the absence of the drug, while medical supervision of the process ensures the safety and comfort of the patient.

Clients across the United States seek treatment at the The Florida House Detox Center welcomes all clients in need of recovery assistance with the Lortab detox program. Call today for more information on how you can overcome the obstacle of Lortab addiction with the Lortab detox program.

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