Making Residential Detox Comfortable

Here at The Florida House Residential Detox Center, we use a multiplicity of detoxification drugs in order to make our patients stay as comfortable as possible. Patients often wonder why we use detox drugs but the answer is simple. We only condone using detox drugs for the length of the patients stay at our detox facility (5-7 days). We feel the patient should be clear of drugs and alcohol when arriving at a drug treatment facility.  Complete detoxification often takes up to months for the drug to entirely leave your system. Our efforts are to detox the patients with a highly trained medical staff that will taper the client off slowly. so the side effects of withdrawal are as small as possible. After detox is complete, patients will remain at the facility but transition into the Residential Treatment program where they will be able to create a long-term treatment plan with their therapist and case manager.

At The Florida House Residential Detox Center we tailor our detox protocols to the individual. We believe that every patient has a unique history with drugs, and should be treated based on the patients’ symptoms and withdrawal side effects.  Each and every patient is individually evaluated when first entering the detox.

Our Mission at Florida House Residential Detox

Our mission is to make our patients detoxification process as easy as possible, while still using therapeutic tools to educate them about their drug use. Patients are urged to attend drug rehabilitation immediately following drug detoxification in order to learn how to understand their drug addiction.

Knowing how detox works and committing to it is the first and most important step in overcoming addiction. The ridding of drugs and alcohol from your body has to be done in a safe way in order to begin the healing process. Once this is completed patients are ready for the second phase of care, Residential Treatment.

For more information on why we use detox drugs and how detox works don’t hesitate to call The Florida House Detox at 888-342-1456 to learn more about our addiction programs. 

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