Detoxing from Darvon

Darvon is a type of analgesic or pain reliever which belongs to the category of opioids. Medically, it is intended for the treatment of mild pain. Aside from its pain relieving properties, it also offers antitussive, as well as local anesthetic effects. Darvon has actually been withdrawn recently from the US market because of concerns of the effects that the drug has such as its tendency to cause heart rhythm abnormalities. Despite this, however, it continues to be available outside the US and, because of its addictive nature, is among the more commonly abused drugs in the market.

For individuals who have become addicted to Darvon use, quitting can be quite hard mainly because the drug causes numerous withdrawal symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms which can be caused by the cessation of Darvon use include sweating, abdominal cramps or stomach pain, nausea, blurred vision, seizures, an increase in blood pressure, restlessness, anxiety, depression, agitation, and insomnia. When the cessation is done abruptly, these symptoms are even more intense and severe. There are also other symptoms that the individual may experience with abrupt Darvon withdrawal such as tachycardia or an increased heart rate, hallucinations, and psychosis. To minimize these withdrawal symptoms and to effectively help them in successfully treating the addiction, one good option that Darvon users and their families might want to consider would be getting into a Darvon detox program.

A Darvon detox program is a drug detox program which is aimed at flushing out the drug from the system of the individual through the use of several approaches including the use of medications and counseling. This results in a significant reduction in the intensity and severity of the withdrawal symptoms; and because the withdrawal symptoms are minimized, the individual has an easier time in getting the drug out of his or her body and preparing for the actual process of rehabilitation.

There are several stages that a Darvon dependent individual needs to go through once he or she gets into a Darvon detox program. These stages include: the evaluation of the individual, which is important so that his or her overall physical, mental and emotional condition can be assessed; the medical testing, which would provide the detox facility or drug rehabilitation center with information on how much of the drug is in the system of the individual; the creation of the individualized Darvon detox program which would specifically address the needs of the Darvon user; the stabilization of the individual with or without the use of medication; and the guiding of the individual towards treatment after going through the Darvon detox program.

To find a Darvon detox program, the best place that Darvon users and their families can go to would be online. This is because most of the detox centers and drug rehabilitation facilities which offer Darvon detox program options today already have websites which are filled with information to help drug dependents and their families go through and compare their options before making a decision. When looking for a Darvon detox program, an important thing that an individual and his or her family should do would be to consider the specific needs of the drug user. By doing this, it would be easier for them to find the right Darvon detox program which can prepare him or her for the rehabilitation process later on.

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