Detoxing from Alcohol

An alcohol detox program begins with abruptly stopping alcohol consumption and allowing your body to begin the withdrawal process. Alcohol detox is often paired with cross-tolerant drugs in order to ease the patient into alcohol withdrawal.  Detoxing from alcohol can be a scary journey. Here at the Florida House Detox we believe in providing the best level of treatment and detoxification care in our alcohol detox program.

Who Needs Alcohol Detox?

Patients who have been living with chronic alcohol abuse or alcoholism should start their addiction treatment with a detox program. Years or even weeks of prolonged alcohol abuse can cause tremendous stress on the body when alcohol ceases to be in the system. Detox is needed when the patient has an addiction to alcohol and is looking to start treatment immediately. Detoxing in a medical setting will guarantee our staff members are supervising patients 24/7 and administering the correct amount of medication. In house alcohol detox programs help patients get through the detox period safely and prevent patients from relapsing.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

From the first day without consuming alcohol, an alcoholic will experience numerous physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the person’s alcohol consumption these symptoms will vary greatly.  The most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Sweat and chills
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Shaking
  • Sleeplessness
  • Hallucination
  • Headaches, nausea, and stomachaches
  • Mood swings

These symptoms can often cause disorientation that does not allow the patient to be fully aware of the severe medical condition they are in. Patients in a medical detox give up the responsibility of caring for themselves. By allowing medical professionals to take care of you, you can be guaranteed you will get the best treatment for any symptoms you’re experiencing. By monitoring our clients around the clock we make sure the patient is always receiving the most effective treatment.

What To Expect in an Alcohol Detox Program

When first entering medical detox for alcohol, trained professionals will do an assessment of the patients’ symptoms and administer any drugs that will ease the pain of withdrawing. A full drug history, psychiatric history, and medical history will be completed within the first few hours of the patient being there.

The length of the stay at detox varies on the duration of use, consumption, and any co-occurring disorders the patient may have. The typical duration of stay is 5-7 days because withdrawal symptoms begin 48 hours after the last use of the drug. When transitioning to treatment, medical staff is still available to monitor our patients. After detox patient transition to residential care which can last anywhere from 5 days to two weeks.

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