Detoxing from Bath Salts

What Are ‘Bath Salts’?

These are not the bath salts that you use in your bath. They are a relatively new combination of drugs on the market that create a meth and cocaine-like high. They are tablets or powder-like substances that can be injected, smoked, crushed then snorted, or mixed with alcohol or food. Bath salts belong to the category of ‘designer drugs,’ as there are a variety of mixtures that can be blended. They are known by innocent sounding names such as Vanilla Sky, White Knight, Ivory Wave and Hurricane Charlie. The drugs are not illegal since they are labeled ‘not for human consumption,‘and it’s only recently that authorities have become aware of the reality that the drugs should enter the illegal or banned substances lists. Most people who have used bath salts have become addicts to these drugs and need a bath salts detox program to help them recover from this addiction. A bath salts detox program provides an effective method for fighting this addiction.

Dangers of Bath Salts

These drug combinations have kept evolving and are becoming increasingly popular.Without a bath salts detox program, they are highly addictive and cause agitation, paranoia, extreme aggression, violent behavior and seizures. Convulsions can be severe and sometimes fatal.Extreme care when going through a bath salts detox program is necessary.

Withdrawal Symptoms with a Bath Salts Detox Program

Once the taking of the bath salts is discontinued during a bath salts detox program,as with any discontinuation of addictive substances, withdrawal symptoms set in. These can range from mood swings, irritability, self-injury, depression and seizures. Symptoms that have been noticed among patients going through a bath salts detox program are difficult to predict because of the difference in blends and mixtures of the drugs, hence reactions during the withdrawal phase. A bath salts detox program needs to be comprehensive enough to make this phase as safe as possible and manageable. Some people have been reported to undergo physical pain during the withdrawal period as they go through the bath salt detox program. The pain may be eased by the use of sedatives in most cases. These help to ease the pain that patients may go through and help them finish the bath salt detox program successfully.

Particulars of a Bath Salts Detox Program

The bath salt detox program effects on an addict’s body will require a regimen of physical and psychological procedures so as to reduce dependence and eventually eliminate it. The Florida House Detox Center offers solutions to help safely detoxify the body system of these harmful drugs. The Bath Salts Detox Program incorporates group and individual counseling sessions,medical treatment, and supervised detox to help you have a manageable withdrawal phase during the Bath Salts Detox Program.Close monitoring and support is done by capable and caring staff during the Bath Salts Detox Program. The Bath Salts Detox Program is designed to ensure that the person is able to maintain their freedom-from-drugs status even after leaving the Bath Salts Detox Program.The most important factor for the healing process will involve a strong commitment and support from all the family and friends of a patient during the entire Bath Salts Detoxification Program.

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