In 2011 there were 9,135 drug related deaths in florida

Safe and Comfortable Residential Detox

The Florida House Detox specializes in helping struggling addicts detoxify off of drugs and alcohol in a safe and comfortable manner. The Florida House Residential Detox is a state of the art detox facility in Deerfield Beach, FL. Florida House Detox provides some of the most intimate, comfortable, and top quality residential detox treatments available in South Florida. We pride ourselves on making the transition into recovery as painless as possible while also educating our patients about sobriety.

Safe and Comfortable

The Florida House Residential Detox provides patients with a comfortable experience during their stay at detox. Patients are treated to top quality amenities such as lavish bedrooms and lounge areas, medication management, and an in-house restaurant.

Your Stay, Your Treatment

Our top priority is to assist patients in a complete detox from any type of drug. We believe focusing on their medical wellbeing is first and foremost in the beginning stages of recovery. After detox, patients are given a residential treatment plan for their second phase of care.


Medication Management

We believe in using safe, effective detoxification drugs to ease the process of painful withdrawal patients may experience from long-term drug use. Our accredited medical staff ensures accountability and support for all patients.


Jump Start Your Recovery

The Florida House Residential Detox provides patients with the tools necessary to continue the recovery process. Along with multiple daily groups and outside speakers, we also make sure each patient is given a qualified case manager to further develop their treatment plan. We never want our patients to leave detox without a clear path to long-term sobriety.

Confidential Help Available 24/7

Helping you is why we are here. Our counselors are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Please call us at 888-342-1456, fill out the form below.

Everything said is 100% confidential, ALWAYS. Contact us to receive attentive, quality information from our counselors about the drug and alcohol detox programs we offer.


We accept most Insurances

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